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NCI SBIR Concept Award

NCI SBIR Concept Award



NCI SBIR is introducing a new pilot contract award to encourage small businesses to work on bold and “out of the box” ideas to make a significant impact in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and care of these cancers. This solicitation invites small businesses to perform key activities to demonstrate technical feasibility and proof-of-concept for the development of highly innovative and potentially transformative therapies, diagnostic tools, or preventive strategies focused on pediatric and/or rare cancers. 

For this high-risk, high-reward Innovative Concept Award:

  • Preliminary data is not required for this solicitation; however, the idea should have a sound scientific premise either based on the offeror’s own research or literature evidence. Proposals will need to identify an anticipated product that will be developed and clearly lay out the anticipated development path.
  • Proposals will need to clearly identify the clinical problem and cancer type(s) that the proposal will focus on with adequate justification.
  • Offerors should propose experiments to obtain initial de-risking and proof-of-concept data.
  • Awards will also include requirements to enhance entrepreneurship skills and to develop or refine a business model and commercialization plan.



Only proposals from eligible small businesses will be considered for award. This size standard is established by law for the SBIR program, regardless of the NAICS Code assigned. To be eligible as a small business, the business concern may have no more than 500 employees, including the employees of its Affiliates. See 13 C.F.R. § 121.702. Other requirements apply, as well – see the SBA’s SBIR Policy Directive for further eligibility requirements -



You can find more information about this award in the presolitcitation. The initial solicitation for the NCI SBIR Innovative Concept Award Program is anticipated to be made available in or around July/August, 2020. This solicitation is anticipated to have a closing date in early/mid December for receipt of proposals.


More Information

Offerors are invited to submit white papers which will allow the NCI to provide feedback on whether or not the proposed idea falls within the scope of what this solicitation is seeking. More details on this will be included in the solicitation. For more information about this program, please contact Tiffany Chadwick (


Posted Date: 
July 10, 2020