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NCI SBIR Contracts

A contract is a legal agreement that has defined requirements, specific deliverables, and a set schedule. The NCI SBIR Contract Solicitation is a funding opportunity that is available once a year. 

Key aspects of the NCI SBIR Contract funding

Scope of the Proposal
Defined by NIH

Peer review focus

NCI Division of Extramural Activities (target 50% business reviewers)


Must contact the contracting officer

Receipt dates

Only ONCE per year

Setting-aside of funds for particular areas?


Basis for award

If proposal scores well during peer review, must then negotiate with NIH to finalize deliverables/p>


One final report (Phase I);

Kickoff presentation, quarterly progress and final reports


Contracts are awarded based on the best value, which considers all factors based on the relative importance. The evaluation factors include:

  • Technical criteria
  • Cost
  • Past performance
  • Small, disadvantaged business participation

As part of the technical evaluation, independent peer reviewers weigh factors such as:

  • Technical approach
  • Personnel
  • Facilities


Policies and regulations for acquisition by all executive agencies are codified in the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR)

Program Contact

For more information, contact Rosemary Hamill at