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Research Topics of Interest

The major NCI SBIR & STTR portfolio areas are listed below as a guide to general technology areas funded through the program. Applications proposing innovative cancer-related technologies, with strong commercial potential, that fall outside these topic areas are also welcomed through the Omnibus Solicitation.

Major NCI SBIR & STTR Portfolio Areas

  • Therapeutics (e.g., Small Molecules, Biologics, Radiomodulators, and Cell-based Therapies)
  • In Vitro and In Vivo Diagnostics (e.g., Companion Diagnostics and Prognostic Technologies)
  • Imaging Technologies (e.g., Agents, Devices, and Image-Guided Interventions)
  • Devices for Cancer Therapy (e.g., Interventional Devices, Surgical, Radiation and Ablative Therapies)
  • Tools for Cancer Biology Research
  • Technologies and Agents for Cancer Prevention
  • Technologies for Cancer Control (e.g., Behavioral Health Interventions, Tools for Genetic, Epidemiologic, Behavioral, Social, and/or Surveillance Cancer Research)
  • Digital Health (e.g., Mobile Health, Health Information Technology, and Bioinformatics)

NCI particularly encourages applications in the following current research topics of interest:

  • Development of Low-Cost Technologies for Global Health
  • Development of Companion Diagnostics
  • Vaccine Development for Cancer Prevention
  • Novel Technologies to Address “Undruggable” Drug Targets
  • New Technologies to Assess Tissue-Based Markers of Tumor Death and Mitochondrial Stress in Response to Therapy
  • Advances in Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR) Vector Engineering to Improve CARs Functionality and Safety
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) Applications to Electronic Health Records to Advance Cancer Prevention and Control
  • Automated Methods for Extraction and Consolidation of Cancer Registry Data
  • Development of Novel Cancer Therapeutics Targeting Epigenetic Alterations
  • Integrated Image-Guided Biopsy Platforms for Assessing Tumor Tissue Heterogeneity 
  • Cloud Computing-Based Sharing, Integration, and Analysis of Imaging Data for Cancer Diagnostics, Prognosis, and Monitoring
  • New Technologies for Ultrasensitive Molecular Histopathology

NCI accepts and encourages SBIR & STTR applications to support clinical trials.

Updated: July 1, 2015