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Program Solicitation PHS 2020-1


Closing date: October 23, 2019 (Anticipated)


The actual solicitation is expected to be made available on or around Monday, July 1, 2019.

Applicants must use the Contract Proposal Submission (eCPS) website to submit their proposal. No other method of proposal submission is permitted. Instructions for electronic submission are provided in the solicitation. Actual contract topic numbers will be available in the solicitation.

The PHS 2020-1 Solicitaton is expected to include following 16 contract topics released by the National Cancer Institute:
  • Manufacturing Innovation for the Production of Cell-Based Cancer Immunotherapies.
  • Development of Senolytic Agents for Cancer Treatment.
  • Combinatory Treatment Utilizing Radiation to Locally Activate Systemically Delivered Therapeutics.
  • Sensing Tools to Measure Biological Response to Radiotherapy.
  • Quantitative Biomimetic Phantoms for Cancer Imaging. 
  • Artificial Intelligence-Aided Imaging for Cancer Prevention, Diagnosis, and Monitoring.
  • Spatial Sequencing Technologies with Single Cell Resolution for Cancer Research.
  • Subcellular Microscopy and -Omics in Cancer Cell Biology. 
  • Intra-Tumor Sensing Technologies for Tumor Pharmacotyping.
  • Software for Patient Navigation Through the Cancer Care Continuum.
  • Cloud-Based Software for the Cancer Research Data Commons.
  • Tools and Technologies for Visualizing Multi-Scale Data.
  • Software for Automated Analysis of Images for Improved Cancer Health.
  • Cancer Clinical Trials Recruitment and Retention Tools for Participant Engagement.
  • De-Identification Software Tools for Cancer Imaging Research.
  • Software Enabling Data Integration from Wearable Sensors for Cancer Patients.


For contract inquiries, contact:

Tiffany Chadwick

Procurement Analyst & Contract Officer
Office of Acquisitions


CLICK HERE to view past contract topics. 



Updated: June 21, 2019