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FY2017 Contract Topics

Program Solicitation


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*Deadline for PHS 2017-1 solicitation is October 21, 2016.

For more information about this solicitation please see the Guide Notice NOT-OD-16-123.

Submit your application using the Contract Proposal Submission (eCPS) website. No other method of proposal submission is permitted.

The PHS 2017-1 solicitation included 15 contract topics released by NCI:

  • NIH/NCI 355: Cell and Animal-Based Models to Advance Cancer Health Disparity Research
  • NIH/NCI 356: Tools and Technologies for Monitoring RNA
  • NIH/NCI 357: Innovative Tools for Interrogating Tumor Microenvironment Dynamics
  • NIH/NCI 358: Modulating the Microbiome to Improve Therapeutic Efficacy of Cancer Therapeutics
  • NIH/NCI 359: Technologies for Differential Isolation of Exosomes and Oncosomes
  • NIH/NCI 360: Manufacturing Innovation for the Production of Cell-Based Cancer Immunotherapies
  • NIH/NCI 361: Highly Innovative Tools for Quantifying Redox Effector Dynamics in Cancer
  • NIH/NCI 362: Informatics Tools to Measure Cancer Care Coordination
  • NIH/NCI 363: Connecting Cancer Caregivers to Care Teams: Digital Platforms to Support Informal Cancer Caregiving
  • NIH/NCI 364: Methods and Software for Integration of Cancer Metabolomic Data with Other –Omic and Imaging Data
  • NIH/NCI 365: Imaging Informatics Tools and Resources for Clinical Cancer Research
  • NIH/NCI 366: Clonogenic High-Throughput Assay for Screening Anti-Cancer Agents and Radiation Modulators
  • NIH/NCI 367: Predictive Biomarkers to Improve Radiation Treatment
  • NIH/NCI 368: Molecularly Targeted Radiation Therapy for Cancer Treatment
  • NIH/NCI 369: Development of Pediatric Cancer Drug Delivery Devices

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For contract inquiries, contact:

Ms. Tiffany Chadwick

Procurement Analyst
Office of Acquisitions

Please reference solicitation PHS 2017-1 and the Topic number with any questions. 


Updated: August 29, 2016