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NCI SBIR Contract Solicitation

What is a contract and how is it different from other funding opportunities?

A contract is a legal agreement that has:

(1) defined requirements, (2) specific deliverables, and (3) defined schedule



  • Assistance mechanism to support research for the public good
  • Peer review of broad criteria
  • Limited Government oversight and control
  • Reports
  • Legally binding agreement to acquire goods or services for the direct use or benefit of the Government.
  • Award based on stated evaluation factors
  • More Government oversight and control
  • Deliverables


How are contracts evaluated?
  • Contracts awards from proposals are usually made on the basis of best value.
  • Evaluation Factors for Award
    • Technical Criteria
    • Cost
    • Past Performance
    • Small Disadvantaged Business Participation
  • Best Value considers all factors based on the relative importance
  • Technical evaluation criteria are reviewed by independent Peer Review
    • Sample technical evaluation criteria
      • Technical Approach
      • Personnel
      • Facilities
  • Technical criteria are often weighted
  • Reviewers determine technical acceptability


What are the contract topics for this year?

Visit our CURRENT CONTRACTS page for the list of topics.

For topics from past years, visit the PAST CONTRACTS page.


How do I submit a contract proposal?

Applicants must use the Contract Proposal Submission (eCPS) website to submit proposal. View instructions here.

No other method of proposal submission is permitted.

* Watch the NIH Contracts Webinar for more information on how to submit your proposal. 


When is the contract proposal due?

Contract proposals are due by October 21, 2016, 5:00 PM EDT


What are the regulations?

Policies and regulations for acquisition by all executive agencies are codified in the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR)


For more information about FY2017 PHS2017-1, tune into NIH Contracts Webinar on Wednesday, August 24, 2016. More information available HERE

For all contract inquiries, contact:

Ms. Tiffany Chadwick

Procurement Analyst & Contract Officer
Office of Acquisitions



Updated Date: 
July 24, 2017