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**The FY2016 Contract Topics Solicitation is now closed. 

For more information about this solicitation please see the Guide Notice NOT-OD-15-130 .

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The PHS 2016-1 solicitation included 4 contract topics released by NCI:
  • NIH/NCI 341: Development of Metabolomics Data Integration Methods and Software

  • NIH/NCI 342: Validation of Mobile Technologies for Clinical Assessment, Monitoring, and Intervention

  • NIH/NCI 343: An Electronic Platform for Cognitive Assessment in Cancer Patients

  • NIH/NCI 344: Technologies for Differential Isolation of Exosomes and Oncosomes

  • NIH/NCI 345: Predictive Biomarkers of Adverse Reactions to Radiation Treatment

  • NIH/NCI 346: Molecularly Targeted Radiation Therapy For Cancer Treatment

  • NIH/NCI 347: Signal Amplification to Enable Attomolar Quantitation in Slide-Based or ELISA Biomarker Immunoassays

  • NIH/NCI 348: Identification and Capture of Enriched Tumor Zones with Preservation of Labile Biomarkers from Ultra-Cold Biopsies

  • NIH/NCI 349: Proximity Slide Based Sandwich Immunoassay to Visualize Intramolecular Epitopes of Analytes in Tissue Sections

  • NIH/NCI 350: Highly Innovative Tools for Quantifying Redox Effector Dynamics in Cancer

  • NIH/NCI 351: Modulating the Microbiome to Improve Efficacy of Cancer Therapeutics

  • NIH/NCI 352: Cell and Animal-Based Models to Advance Cancer Health Disparity Research

  • NIH/NCI 353: Cell-Free Nucleic Acid-Based Assay Development for Cancer Diagnosis

  • NIH/NCI 354: Companion Diagnostics for Cancer Immunotherapies


Updated: September 25, 2015