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Notice of Special Interest

Notice of Special Interest (NOSI): NOT-CA-20-012

NCI SBIR Administrative Supplements for Activities to Accelerate the Development and Commercialization of Cancer-Related Innovations


You are strongly encouraged to discuss your Supplement request in advance with your Program Director. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.


The National Cancer Institute (NCI) SBIR Development Center recognizes that early-stage proof of concept studies can evolve rapidly, necessitating supplementary experiments and/or follow-on experiments for accelerated progress to position promising projects for stronger SBIR Phase II applications and to generate interest from follow-on investors and strategic partners. To accelerate the development of promising technologies, the NCI announces the opportunity for current NCI-funded SBIR Phase I grantees (R43 grant mechanism only) to seek supplemental project funding via the Administrative Supplement mechanism. The funds from these Administrative Supplements are intended to support research activities that are aimed at:

  • Achieving next critical milestones in the technology development pathway to make the applicants more competitive for Phase II applications and/or for raising private-sector capital; and

  • Accelerating the development of the SBIR product to advance it towards commercialization.


Award Budget:

Grantees with currently active NCI Phase I SBIR awards may propose Administrative Supplement budgets up to $150K direct costs.

NCI SBIR Program staff will consider whether the budget and the requested period of support are fully justified and reasonable in relation to the proposed research. Additionally, Program staff will evaluate applications using the following selection factors:

  • The relevance of the proposed activities to the parent grant and original work scope;

  • Satisfactory progress toward achieving the aims of the parent grant, as appropriate to the current stage of the project;

  • Impact of the proposed work to advance the technology forward to meet the next key development milestones;

  • Impact of the proposed work to make the applicant more competitive for phase II application and to move the technology towards commercialization;

  • Appropriate and well-described plan to accomplish the goals within the timeframe proposed.


For more information about this funding opportunity, please contact

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