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Success Stories

Small businesses use NCI's SBIR and STTR funding to propel their commercialization efforts. Below are stories of some NCI-funded small businesses that have successfully brought or are bringing cancer technologies from lab to market.

  • RefleXion – Biology-Guided Radiotherapy

    NCI SBIR funding supported RefleXion Medical's journey to launch its radiotherapeutic technology to treat patients with lung and bone tumors.

  • Illumina - Large-Scale Gene Sequencing

    Learn how Illumina's SBIR-funded project started from a Tuft's University spinoff that has now become a leading technology in gene sequencing as a part of a 7,300-person company with more than $3.3 billion in annual revenue.

  • Guided Therapeutics - LuViva Non-invasive Scanning Device

    Discover how SBIR-funded Guided therapeutics' Luviva can detect cervical diseases in a point-of-care setting, with the potential to replace a sizable portion of colposcopic biopsies performed to rule out cervical cancer.

  • CivaTech - CivaSheet Radiation Therapy

    Learn more about how CivaTech used NCI SBIR funding to develop low-dose-rate (LDR) radiation therapy devices to treat tumors and substantially reduce procedure time, provide homogeneous dose distribution, and minimize trauma

  • Naviscan - PET Scan Technology

    Explore how Naviscan, Inc. leveraged NCI SBIR funding to develop a flagship product, the PEM Flex® PET Scanner, which uses PET technology for the breast cancer clinical application known as positron emission mammography, PEM.