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Guided Therapeutics - LuViva Non-invasive Scanning Device

How SBIR Helped Guided Therapeutics Develop a Non-invasive Scanning Device

Guided Therapeutics developed LuViva, a non-invasive medical device designed to instantly detect cervical disease in a point-of-care setting. This groundbreaking, innovative technology scans the cervix with light to identify cancerous and pre-cancerous cells.

The patented device offers significant advantages compared to current standard detection methods such as Pap smears, human papillomavirus tests, and colposcopic biopsy. It does not require laboratory analysis or a tissue sample and is easy to operate with minimal training.

Pending approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, LuViva could potentially replace a sizable portion of colposcopic biopsies performed to rule out cervical cancer. In a pivotal clinical trial, LuViva showed it detected disease that was missed by the standard of care in addition to reducing unnecessary confirmatory tests.

SBIR Impact

Guided Therapeutics successfully moved from concept to prototype to product with awards from NCI SBIR, including a $2.5 million Bridge Award in 2009.

According to Guided Therapeutics Vice President of Product Development and Principal Investigator Shabbir Bambot, Ph.D., “Funding received through the SBIR Bridge program was especially critical because it reduced our risk and incentivized investors to contribute an additional $5.5 million. This financial stimulus served as a springboard to facilitate commercialization of the technology, form strategic partnerships, and attract talented professionals.”

Guided Therapeutics Today

Guided Therapeutics has grown from 15 to 40 full-time employees, increased market capitalization from under $10 million to approximately $45 million, and increased revenues from under $1 million to over $4 million.

LuViva also shows potential for global impact, as potential international clients are already placing orders for demonstration devices. The company recently announced a partnership with Konica Minolta Opto for distribution and screening clinical trials of LuViva in Asia. 

Learn more on Guided Therapeutics' website.

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