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Showcase Companies

Each year, NCI SBIR works with more than 70 third-party investors and strategic partners to select companies to pitch at leading investor events. Below, we present the 39 companies that have been selected for 2023. If you are an investor or a company interested in working with these companies, you can find their technology and contact information below.

Are you interested in joining the review panel for next year’s NCI SBIR Investor Initiatives? Share your information with NCI SBIR Director of Investor Relations, Brittany Connors.


  • Accuronix Therapeutics

    St. Louis, MO
    Small molecule targeting sigma-2 receptor
    Bradley T. Keller (

  • Allterum Therapeutics

    Houston, TX
    Anti-CD127 antibody
    Atul Varadhachary (

  • AVM Biotechnology

    Seattle, WA
    Novel non-toxic preconditioning regimen for cancer cell therapy
    Theresa Deisher (

  • BioMimetix

    Greenwood Village, CO
    Novel therapeutic class of redox-active metalloporphyrin compounds
    Rob Hellewell (

  • Curadel Surgical Innovations

    Natick, MA
    Theranostic drugs for optical surgical navigation
    John V. Frangioni (

  • Enzyme by Design

    Chicago, IL
    Novel glutaminase-free mammalian asparaginase with minimized immunogenicity
    Amanda Schalk (

  • Immunophotonics

    St. Louis, MO
    Pioneering Interventional Immuno-Oncology™

  • Indee Labs

    Berkeley, CA
    Instruments for more effective engineered cell therapies
    Ryan Pawell (

  • Kuda Therapeutics

    Salt Lake City, UT
    Novel dual HIF-á inhibitor and inducer of ferroptosis
    Mei Koh, Ph.D. (

  • Luminary Therapeutics

    Minneapolis, MN
    Novel gamma delta allogenic manufacturing platform
    Jeff Liter (

  • Microvascular Therapeutics

    Tucson, AZ
    CD90-targeted phase shift microbubbles for HIFU-mediated non-thermal ablation of tumors
    Emmanuelle Meuillet (

  • Modulation Therapeutics

    Morgantown, WV
    First-in-class targeted radiotherapies
    Lori Hazlehurst (

  • Privo Technologies

    Peabody, MA
    Nanoparticle-based drug delivery platform
    Manijeh Goldberg (

  • Reveal Pharmaceuticals

    Cambridge, MA
    Gadolinium-free MRI contrast agent
    Vera Hoffman (

  • RNA Nanotherapeutics

    Mason, OH
    Multifunctional RNA nanoparticles Breast
    Xiaoting Zhang (

  • StemSynergy Therapeutics

    Miami, FL
    Small molecule modulators of key signaling pathways (WNT, Notch, MYC, Hippo)
    Anthony Capobianco (

  • Stingray Therapeutics

    Houston, TX
    Potent and selective oral ENPP1 inhibitor
    Jonathan P. Northrup (

  • Talus Bioscience

    Seattle, WA
    Transcription factor inhibitors for targeted cancer therapeutics
    Alex Federation (

  • Ternalys Therapeutics

    Chapel Hill, NC
    Engineered, non-coding microRNA-based therapy
    Kenneth I. Moch (

  • Tezcat Biosciences

    Avon, CT
    Metabolically selective RAS cancer therapeutics
    Craig Ramirez (

  • Trace Biosciences

    Portland, OR
    Nerve-specific imaging agents for surgery
    Connor Barth (

  • TransCode Therapeutics

    Boston, MA
    Targeted therapy for metastatic cancer
    Zdravka Medarova (

  • Vivreon Biosciences

    San Diego, CA
    Oral, gut-restricted therapeutic
    Milton Greenberg (

Diagnostics / Tools

  • EarlyDiagnostics

    Los Angeles, CA
    Blood-based cfDNA multi-cancer test
    Xiaohui Ni (

  • Lifegene-Biomarks

    San Juan, Puerto Rico
    Precision DNA methylation PCR tests in biofluids
    Rafael Guerrero-Preston (

  • MicrOmics

    Spanish Fork, UT
    Tool developer for ultra-sensitive proteomics analysis
    Ryan Kelly (


  • Alpenglow Biosciences

    Seattle, WA
    AI-enabled 3D spatial biology platform
    Nicholas Reder (

  • Ananya Health

    San Francisco, CA
    Self-contained, portable cryoablation device
    Anu Parvatiyar (

  • Arsenal Medical

    Waltham, MA
    Solvent-free, shear-responsive, silicone-based biomaterial
    Upma Sharma (

  • Clarix Imaging

    Chicago, IL
    Bringing true 3D clarity to specimen imaging
    Xiao Han (

  • Euclid Beamlabs

    Beltsville, MD
    Electronic brachytherapy device
    Darrin Leonhardt (

  • Leuko Labs

    Boston, MA
    Non-invasive white blood cell monitoring
    Carlos Castro-Gonzalez (

  • Navigation Sciences

    Brookline, MA
    Real-time margin measurement for precision cancer surgery
    Alan Lucas (

  • NE Scientific

    Boston, MA
    Intraoperative guidance platform
    Andrea Borsic (

  • Savage Medical

    Novel device alternative to temporary diverting ostomies
    Dean Hu (

  • TheraBionic

    Novel, portable, radiowave-delivering therapeutic device
    Boris Pasche (

Digital Health

  • Envisagenics

    New York, NY
    Using AI to develop therapies
    Maria Luisa Pineda (

  • Cancer Insights

    Bedford Hills, NY
    AI platform for clinical decision support
    Tarun Kumar (

  • XanthosHealth

    St. Paul, MN
    Social care referral platform
    Pinar Karaca-Mandic (