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Executive Roundtable

NCI SBIR Executive Roundtable

The application for this program is currently closed. Please check back at at later time.


Does your small business have an active award from NCI SBIR/STTR? Are you a founder/CEO/other C-level Exec of a digital health company focused on any of the following technology areas:

  • Educational Tools
  • Behavioral Medicine
  • Health IT (Bioinformatics with or without diagnostic component, AI/Machine Learning)
  • Mobile Health
  • Wearable Devices for Personalized Medicine
  • Telehealth/Telemedicine

 (If your technology is not in one of these areas but you still believe you qualify as a digital health company, email us and we can reevaluate.)

If so, we invite you to take a seat at the Executive Roundtable exclusively focused on digital health companies. The NCI SBIR Executive Roundtable program brings together founders/CEOs/other C-Level Executives with decision making authority of NCI SBIR-funded startups to mentor each other on a myriad of real-life startup issues on an ongoing basis.

Benefits of the program include:

  • Networking and potential partnerships with fellow founders/CEOs/C-Level Executives
  • Mentoring and advice from fellow founders/CEOs/ C-Level Executives on real-life startup issues on an ongoing basis
  • Introductory meeting with NCI SBIR staff to get to know the other members and to set the foundation for future meetings
  • Ongoing support from NCI SBIR staff and ability to hear from personnel across the NIH on a variety of resources

Through the review process, the NCI SBIR team is careful to group together individuals in similar technology areas but with a varying set of knowledge and expertise. This facilitation by NCI paves the way for a cohesive group that can help each other out with many of the obstacles faced by life science small businesses. Members of current cohorts say that it is often difficult to find such tailored peer mentors and the help of NCI in the tailoring process is essential.

“I am learning a lot and I like that it is very personal and focused on experience of individuals. It is a great group; everyone is very friendly and genuinely interested in helping each other with problems. It is helping me to establish a deeper relationship with small business colleagues than I would in another setting.” -Member of current Executive Roundtable cohort

Details and Format of the Program:

Each group is made up of around 10 members and meets virtually every two months for around two hours. The members will be from companies across the United States. The NCI team will be heavily involved for around six months to get the group on their feet. After six months, the group and selected members chosen for leadership roles will take over (NCI will still be involved but to a lesser extent) After a year, the group is expected to move forward on their own, based on their interest and inclination.

Example of a meeting agenda:

  1. Members business and life updates
  2. Presentation or discussion of topic group has selected prior to meeting
    1. Example: Member A is having trouble with fund-raising and meeting investors. Member B has had recent success. Member B volunteers to present to the group about their success and to answer questions.
  3. Additional updates if necessary
  4. Items for next meeting


If you have any questions, please contact NCI SBIR Special Programs Manager Brittany Connors (




Updated Date: 
December 20, 2020