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FY2016 Contract Topics

Program Solicitation PHS2016-1

The NCI SBIR Program recently announced 14 new contract funding opportunities in a range of novel technology areas. To view the FY2016 Contract Topics Solicitation, visit: (PDF). For more information about this solicitation please see the Guide Notice NOT-OD-15-130 .

To download the appropriate forms for Phase I, Phase II, Direct-to-Phase II and Fast-Track proposals, please visit: Direct-to-Phase II SBIR proposals must be prepared in accordance with the Phase II proposal preparation instructions.

The deadline for receipt of all FY2016 contract topic proposals is October 16, 2015 by 5:00 PM ET.

*Please note, NCI now accepts submissions electronically.

The PHS 2016-1 solicitation includes 14 contract topics released by NCI:

  • NIH/NCI 341: Development of Metabolomics Data Integration Methods and Software

  • NIH/NCI 342: Validation of Mobile Technologies for Clinical Assessment, Monitoring, and Intervention

  • NIH/NCI 343: An Electronic Platform for Cognitive Assessment in Cancer Patients

  • NIH/NCI 344: Technologies for Differential Isolation of Exosomes and Oncosomes

  • NIH/NCI 345: Predictive Biomarkers of Adverse Reactions to Radiation Treatment

  • NIH/NCI 346: Molecularly Targeted Radiation Therapy For Cancer Treatment

  • NIH/NCI 347: Signal Amplification to Enable Attomolar Quantitation in Slide-Based or ELISA Biomarker Immunoassays

  • NIH/NCI 348: Identification and Capture of Enriched Tumor Zones with Preservation of Labile Biomarkers from Ultra-Cold Biopsies

  • NIH/NCI 349: Proximity Slide Based Sandwich Immunoassay to Visualize Intramolecular Epitopes of Analytes in Tissue Sections

  • NIH/NCI 350: Highly Innovative Tools for Quantifying Redox Effector Dynamics in Cancer

  • NIH/NCI 351: Modulating the Microbiome to Improve Efficacy of Cancer Therapeutics

  • NIH/NCI 352: Cell and Animal-Based Models to Advance Cancer Health Disparity Research

  • NIH/NCI 353: Cell-Free Nucleic Acid-Based Assay Development for Cancer Diagnosis

  • NIH/NCI 354: Companion Diagnostics for Cancer Immunotherapies


**The PHS 2016-1 SBIR Contract Solicitation has two amendments:**
Amendment 2: RFP Updates and Questions and Answers (
If you have questions about any of the topics or general questions on contract administration, please contact:

Ms. Rosemary M. Hamill

Please reference solicitation PHS 2016-1 and the Topic number with any questions. Learn more about the difference between SBIR contracts and grants by clicking here.

View past contract opportunities.

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