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Funding Overview

The NCI SBIR & STTR Programs are an entryway to federally-funded cancer research. Organizations apply first for a Phase I award of up to $150,000 to test the technical merit and feasibility of a particular concept. Support under Phase I is normally provided for six months for SBIR and one year for STTR.

If Phase I proves successful, the company may apply for a two-year Phase II award of up to $1 million to further develop the concept, usually to the prototype stage. Proposals are judged competitively on the basis of scientific, technical, and commercial merit. Phase I and II applicants may propose and justify longer periods of time and greater amounts of funds necessary for completion of the project.

To help address the funding gap a company may encounter between the end of the Phase II award and the commercialization stage, the NCI SBIR Program has created a Bridge Award pilot initiative for previously funded NIH SBIR Phase II projects in the areas of cancer therapies and imaging technologies. With budgets up to $1 million in total costs per year (a total of $3 million over three years) that may be requested from the NCI, this funding opportunity helps advance cancer research towards commercialization and incentivizes partnerships between small businesses and third-party investors, and/or strategic partners.

Following completion of Phase II, small businesses are expected to obtain funding from the private sector and/or non-SBIR or STTR government sources to develop the concept into a product for sale in the private sector.

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