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NIH Niche Assessment Program

NIH Niche Assessment Program for Phase I Awardees


The National Institutes of Health (NIH) Niche Assessment Program for HHS (NIH, CDC, FDA) is a nationwide program funded by NIH to help jump-start the commercialization efforts of active SBIR & STTR Phase I awardees and Phase I Fast-Track awardees. NIH has contracted with Foresight Science and Technology to perform Technology Niche Analyses® (TNA®) for 177 HHS SBIR & STTR Phase I awardees.

STTR awardees are eligible to participate in this program.

The NIH Niche Assessment Program can help your company's commercialization efforts by:

  • Providing market insight and data to strategically position your technology in the marketplace.
  • Assisting in commercialization plan development for Phase II applications.
  • Introducing small businesses to potential partners.

To participate in the program, complete the registration form.  

For assistance with submitting the on-line Set-Up Form please contact:

Ms. Paula Williams
Project Coordinator
Foresight Science and Technology
Phone: (401) 273-4844 x4001
Fax: (401) 354-1301


Eligibility Requirements

All active HHS (NIH,CDC, FDA) SBIR/STTR Phase I awardees and Phase I Fast-Track awardees (by grant or contract) are eligible to apply.

The Niche Assessment Program is appropriate for all types of technologies, (e.g., those developing clinical products, as well as those developing software, educational, and multi-media behavioral science products). The program is also appropriate for those seeking strategic alliances, investors, and/or immediate customers.

One hundred seventy seven (177) slots are available and will be filled on a "first-come, first-served" basis. For those with multiple awards, only one project per company will be accepted for the program. The average time to complete a Technology Niche Analysis® is 2 to 3 months. Since reports will be generated in the order the applications were received, all 177 reports will be completed between November 2015 and early March 2016. However, awardees may indicate a preference when they would like to receive the TNA® report in the registration forms. NIH and Foresight will try to accommodate such preferences if possible.

The Technology Niche Analysis® report may be helpful in the preparation of the commercialization plan that is required in a SBIR/STTR Phase II application and, as such, applicants should consider the timing of their Phase II submission. The amount of time a program participant will need to expend is minimal (perhaps only a few hours) and participation is free.

Specific questions about TNA's® may be directed to:
Konstantin Izvolsky, PhD
Director, Assessments and Training
Foresight Science & Technology
Telephone: (401) 273-4844 x4003
Fax: (401) 354-1301
General questions about the Niche Assessment Program may be directed to:
Robert Vinson, Jr. 
Assistant Program Manager
Office of Extramural Programs 
National Institutes of Health 
Telephone: (301) 435-2713 
Updated Date: 
November 26, 2019