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Searching NIH RePORTer

Learn more about NCI SBIR & STTR grantees and the kinds of projects the NIH is helping to advance.

Search for SBIR/STTR grants in the NCI SBIR Development Center's portfolio through the NIH RePORTer search engine:

To search, fill in the following fields:

  1. Select the Fiscal Years of interest (i.e., FY2012-FY2015 and Active Projects).
  2. Type in the keywords of interest (i.e., imaging technologies, biologics, etc.).
  3. Select "NCI" from the list under the Agency/Institute/Center. Also check the boxes for "Admin" and "Funding".
  4. Choose the Funding Mechanisms "SBIR/STTR" under "Research Project Grants" and "R and D Contracts".
  5. Submit Query.

Image of the NIH Reporter interface with instructions on how to use the search tool

Updated Date: 
March 23, 2017