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SBIR Technology Transfer

SBIR Technology Transfer (PA-18-705)

SBIR only, Clinical trial not allowed

Receipt dates: September 8, 2020; January 5, 2021; April 5, 2021

Expires on April 6, 2021


The SBIR Technology Transfer (SBIR-TT) Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) is intended to help move commercially-viable technologies from the NIH Instramural Program to the marketplace. Small businesses are encouraged to submit applications that further develop available technologies from the NIH Intramural Program and bring them to the commercial market. For more information about NCI technologies available for licensing, please see:


An SBIR-TT awardee may work closely with the NCI inventor(s), who can provide assistance during the award period. The NCI SBIR-TT Program asks small businesses to examine the NCI intellectual property portfolio, as well as specific interest areas of NCI-developed technology, for commercial viability.

In addition, Phase I applicants to the NCI SBIR-TT Program should include in their application the completed Non-Exclusive Patent License Agreement for Internal Research Use form, downloadable from

The NCI also offers a term-limited, exclusive Start-Up Evaluation Option License to start-up companies developing certain early-stage vaccine, therapeutic, device, and diagnostic technologies. See for details.

The company or companies selected for the SBIR-TT grants, with access to NCI technology and personnel knowledgeable about the invention, will be expected to develop a commercial product based on the NCI invention. If selected for SBIR Phase I funding, the small business will be granted a royalty-free Non-Exclusive Patent License Agreement for Internal Research Use. If selected for Phase II funding, the small business will be required to apply for and negotiate either a non-exclusive or an exclusive Commercial Use license, within the field of use of the SBIR award, to technologies held by NIH. It is expected that the small business will develop the invention into a commercial product to benefit the public, such that the conditions of 37 CFR 404.7 are met. For a searchable listing of NCI inventions, please refer to the NCI Technology Transfer Center website to view NCI intramural technologies:


NCI is particularly interested in the development and commercialization of its inventions in the areas of imaging, cancer vaccines, antibodies and antibody conjugates, and RNAi therapeutics. An NCI intramural investigator may provide assistance in a collaborative manner to the funded SBC by providing technology, research materials, reagents and/or discussions during the SBIR award period. No SBIR funds are allowed to go to the NCI intramural investigator or the NCI intramural program. SBIR funds may go toward specific projects through service agreements to the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research in Frederick, MD, which operates under contract of NCI as a Federally Funded Research and Development Centers (FFRDC).


For more information about the funding opportunity, please contact


Posted Date: 
March 21, 2019